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(906) 932-4424

3-D Ticket Prices

Adult ♦ $9.00
Child ♦ $7.00
Senior ♦ $7.00

2-D Ticket Prices

Adult ♦ $7.00
Child ♦ $5.00
Senior ♦ $5.00


3-D ♦ All Seats ♦ $7.00
2-D ♦ All Seats ♦ $5.00


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What You Get

• Admission to the movie

• Pop and popcorn

• Tour of the projectors

• Souvenir piece of film

2-D ♦ $7.00 per person
3-D ♦ $8.00 per person

Cloverland Cinemas is pleased to offer the theater as a location for parties. While birthday parties are the most common choice, we also host other engagements.

For more information, contact Cyndi at (906) 932-7185.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be arranged as private showings or as part of a regular show time.

There is no minimum number of guests required to hold your party during a regular show time. If you wish to hold a private showing for fewer than 25 guests, please be aware that the price will be the same as having 25 guests ($175.00 for 2-D movies, $200.00 for 3-D movies). Private showings with more than 25 guests cost the regular price of $7.00 per person for 2-D movies or $8.00 per person for 3-D movies.

Guests generally arrive an hour before the start of the show, so that there is plenty of time for gifts, treats, and the tour. If you wish to bring a special treat for your guests, cupcakes are welcome. We request that you do not bring regular cakes or alcoholic beverages.

You can book your party any time up to one day before the party. However, parties are done on a first come, first serve basis, so reserving the theater for your party is best done early.